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Liesl Theron


Independent Consultant





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Activismo social, Derechos humanos, Trabajo con poblaciones clave

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I am an independent consultant with 12 years of experience in the NGO and philanthropic sectors, with transgender activism as my main focus. I approach my work with a social justice, feminist, human rights perspective, and I envision to work with organizations and individuals who operate from that perspective or are interested in deepening it.

Me interesa formar parte de la comunidad porque...

As an independent researcher, academic, and consultant my underlining political identity remains with a Human Rights focus. I am South African, who recently moved to my new home in México. HIV advocacy, research, and organizing fall under the scope of Human Rights, and I am interested in both learn more about HIV advocacy as well as to connect with activists, organizations, and projects of this region.
Especially when a person works as an independent consultant it is important to inform oneself and participate in projects like the LAC Platform to ensure greater engagement.
What I can contribute: sharing articles, information. Regarding Key Populations, my research, work and interest focus is at transgender, gender and in general the TTTIQ part of the LGBTTTIQ acronym.
As a consultant, I can contribute and am most interested to work in the areas of Regional meeting logistics, all aspects of it. Facilitation of group processes, being part of research teams, oversight of projects, including managing processes where work needs to be translated into multiple languages.


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